Developing a Growth Marketing Mindset

Developing a Growth Marketing Mindset

Developing a growth marketing mindset:

What is marketing:

A marketing plus marketing mindset is a tool that accelerates your business.

If we see this definition and think about how?

then we realize that either we have a good product and services,

or a revolutionary product if we do not spread it

in the market in any way how people will know about us. 

And if you are a visionary business

then you have fix in your mind that 90% of major plans

you make to scale and stabilize your business

will need marketing directly or indirectly,

because it is all about brand equity or branding in the market.

Always remember to scale a business you need to find out

all possible ways to do marketing,

no matter how much you can afford but still,

you need to create your identity in the market.

Now we saw that identity creation is the way of scaling

so, anyhow we need to do marketing.

Note:  if you have funds that are available as an extra asset I will suggest you use some part of that funds in brand creation or creating brand equity. And marketing is the best way to accomplish it.

Develop Marketing mindsets:

21 marketing mindset that will help you to balance,

growth, and effective marketing according to you your business.

1. Know the meaning and importance of marketing in the business

2. Remember don’t lose the opportunity to do marketing.

3. Understand your market, culture, industry, consumer, 

and competitors by doing market research and then 

create a plan of marketing in terms of brand 

awareness and its cash outflow.

4. Always remember that always try to do

marketing for attracting, brand awareness, and trust.

5. Show your positive impact on society.

6. Show how much you care, about the consumer’s goals, problems, success, etc.

7. Show how you are different and the best in the market

as a consumer servant against the existing 


8. Try to attack competition indirectly through marketing.

9. Finds the ways of indirect marketing you can do

while doing operations(Like:-  during sales, during the 

creation of business, during your hiring, through social 

media, using youtube, through your personal 

branding, etc..).

10. Find the ways of low-cost marketing.

11. Remember personal branding plays the important    

role in the market.

12. Find the types of marketing operations in the market 

and try to implement them according to your  


13. Generally start from inbound marketing to outbound marketing  

, but it depends upon the business to 


14. Inbound marketing means internet  

marketing(marketing through google ads, Facebook 

ads, influencer marketing, etc.).

15. Outbound marketing is traditional marketing like  

marketing through tv, radio, banners, affiliation, 

and network marketing.

16. Remember the best marketing you can do by  

satisfying customers again and again.

17. Try to attach customer feelings and emotions to the  

brand name through the ways like jingle marketing, good lines, 

and good works that you do for society,etc..

18. Make consumers realize that no one is best in the 

market for a particular product because you are 

solving the biggest pain point for consumers.

19. Find that your business needs in-house  

marketing team or you can work with any  

marketing firm.

20. There will be some common and different   

approaches for both b2b and b2c.

21. Make a proper system using business frameworks, and 

plan accordingly, so that it will  

impact positively, and the result will be stable, it should not like 

only your money is exhausting.


See, I had tried to cover each and every point on 

developing the mindset that you need to create a proper 

marketing system for your business,it includes the 

points that can be used in both b2b and b2c depending 

upon the condition to condition. 

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